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Shibaura Floor type Horizontal Boring Mill

Intercontinental Machine in Riverside, Missouri

This Shibaura Mill received a “Fanuc” control upgrade. AMS was contracted to do the linear scales for this project. We removed the machine’s original “Inductosyn” position feedback system to replace it with Heidenhain steel scales..

This is the X-axis scale on the forward side of the bed. This is where the original Inductosyn feedback unit was located. This area was extremely well protected from chips and coolant.

This is a view looking up the column from the floor to the ceiling at the Y-axis scale and reader head bracket. Notice the original Inductosyn cover to be reinstalled to protect the scale from contamination..

This is a close up of the Y-axis bracket and Inductosyn cover system.

This is an overview of the entire Y-axis and the Genie Lift it took to install the upper portion of the scale.


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