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#3 Moore Jig Grinder

For Federal Mogul Located in Saint Louis

Pictured to the right is a #3 Moore Jig Grinder after installation of the Heidenhain Digital Red Out System. Notice the original leather covering was used. Also worth mentioning is this job was completed in about 6 hours. This machine is used in the mold & pattern shop in the production of molds for cast iron brake rotors by Federal Mogul. The following pictures will provide details regarding the

installation of the X & Y axis scales.

Pictured to the left is a view from under the leather cover of the X-Axis scale. The scale backing bar was attached to the brake rail of the X-axis, which allowed the scale to sit horizontally and the reader head to be attached near the brake handle. Note: All necessary attachment parts for this installation were custom made at AMS.

Here are some more angles to the Axis scales placed on this particular mill. In the first picture you see the end of the Y-axis scale. Notice the original Vernier scale was removed in lieu an aluminum carrier bar to support the new LS-406. The Vernier pointer was removed and a bracket fabricated to fit within the original milled slot.

In this picture you see the X-Axis scale after final assembly now protected by the original glass used to protect and view the old Vernier scale system.


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