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Brown & Sharp CMM

McKay Engineering in St. Louis, MO.

This is a Brown & Sharp CMM that AMS was contracted for the installation of a new DRO and set of scales. The original Bendix measuring systems was no longer functioning and the Granite and Steel was still in great shape.

This photograph marks the entry of a third generation of the Albietz family into the DRO field. Michael is soldering the connectors for the X, Y and Z signal cables with the correct “Sub D” connectors. This is a retro-fit of a Heidenhain ND 780.

This is a view from underneath the Y-axis. The fine adjustment brass nut has to be machined for scale clearance when disengaged from the screw.

The customer chose to use sealed linear scales as their feedback of choice due to the inspection machine being on the shop floor and not in a “cleanroom” environment.


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