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RCN 2390F

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The Heidenhain RCN 2390F is an absolute angle encoder with integrated stator coupling. The RCN 2390F is highly compact, and ideal for tight installation spaces. With both a sturdy design and optimized scanning, even liquid contamination and condensation have little effect on the scanning signals or motor control. Thereby largely avoiding disturbances in the machining process caused by encoder contamination.


The mounted stator coupling connects the measured shaft directly to the angle encoder shaft for easy installation. Because of their high static and dynamic accuracy, the RCN series of angle encoders with integral stator couplings are the preferred encoders for high-precision applications such as rotary tables and tilting axes and the specified accuracy includes the error caused by the coupling.


The RCN 2000 series is typically used best with rotary tables and tilting tables for positioning and

speed control.

This part is now discontinued. Please call for availability or please see Heidenhain 2391F for direct replacement information.

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