G&L Boring Mill

Four Axis DRO Application
Thunder Bay Manufacturing, Alpena, MI.

This is an overview of a G&L T-type Boring Mill with a four axis Heidenhain Digital Readout. The machine is used in the making of automotive stamping dies. This machine was retro-fitted by Abbott Machine of Alton, IL. with assistance of AMS personnel for the Z-axis.

This is the X-axis scale mounted on the rear side of the bed for better protection from metal chips.




This is a view looking up the column from the floor to the ceiling at the Y-axis scale and reader head bracket. Again, the scale was mounted at the rear of he machine to protect against contamination.

This is another view of the X-axis buried beneath the tread plates.

This is the view of the patented AMS spindle measuring systems for G&S Boring Mills.